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Peace Wanko Japan is looking for families to offer a loving home to our dogs. Take a look of the dogs from the bottom link.

Peace Wanko Japan has taken in all dogs that were on the kill-list in Hiroshima’s animal care centers before they were put down. We have also taken in rescued stray dogs from Jinsekikogen-cho. We train our dogs to become disaster-rescue dogs, therapy dogs, or family dogs. We are looking for families who are willing to offer a loving home to our best friends.

1. Come Meet Our Dogs!!
Peace Wanko Japan has 50+ dogs waiting to be adopted. We will match a dog/puppy according to your needs and lifestyles.
Many dogs that we take in have either suffered or are not used to the care and affection that they deserved. Most of them were stray dogs, which mean that they have never lived around humans before. This makes them a little shy, so we may ask you to visit our shelter a few times to make sure our dog will be able to get used to having you around.
2. Pre-Adoption Survey
When you have found your match, we will ask you to fill out a survey. The survey will tell us about your basic information (your family members, home address, phone number, etc.), if you have ever had a dog before, and how you plan to take care of the new family. We will need to know who will be taking care of the dog when you and your family members get sick or have other reasons that you cannot keep the dog anymore. Also, if your house is on rent, we will need to have a copy of your written contract that shows you are allowed to have pets inside the house.

Dogs Waiting To Be Adopted

3. House Inspection
If your survey passes, we will visit your house for inspection. We may ask you to hide your computer cords, or put a fence/door in front of the stairs, etc. depending on the size and personality of the dog and the way your house is arranged for safety reasons. When the changes are done, we will ask you to send pictures for a final check.
4. Pick Up Your Dog!
After everything is cleared, it is time for you to come pick up your dog. We ask all fosters to sign an adoption form and to pay a fee of 17500 yen at the shelter. The fee includes all of the required vaccines and a micro-chip for individual recognition.

The whole process takes about a month ~ a few months. It will take longer if your dog is super shy, or if it takes a while to make changes inside or outside of your housing.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via e-mail.
We look forward to seeing you!!

Dogs Waiting To Be Adopted