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Peace Wanko Japan PROJECT

"Peace Wanko(Dogs) Japan"project, operated by the our non-profit organization Peace Winds Japan, commits to reducing the number of dogs killed in public shelters in Japan.

All dogs in the facility receive examinations, vaccinations and medical treatments, and training by the instructors until placed into new adoptive families. By summer 2015, Peace Wanko Japan has rescued about 190 dogs and now looking for new families for them at recently opened adoption centers in Hiroshima-city and Fujisawa-city.

from stray dog to rescue dog - the story of Yumenosuke

November 2010, Peace Winds Japan (PWJ)staff members visited the public shelter in Hiroshima prefecture. They found a 3-4 months old puppy trembling in front of the gas chamber.

The puppy would have been put down by gas. PWJ decided to adopt him and saved him from the killing machine, so-called"dream box".

This dog was named"Yumenosuke"that means dream in Japanese. PWJ entrusted him dream and hope.

PWJ trained Yumenosuke to become a rescue dog. At the beginning, he was scared and didn’t trust anyone. But his trainers did not give up. After months of training, he started trusting people. It was slow but he gradually started showing the good progress.

Yumenosuke took part in his first search-and-rescue mission in Hiroshima where was struck by landslides disaster following heavy rain. Yumenosuke joined emergency teams, with his colleague Hulk. Yumenosuke found a deceased victim.

After the Hiroshima landslides, Yumenosuke headed for the Phillipines in December 2014 prior to Typhoon Hagupit. In April 2015, he was in Nepal and engaged in search-and-rescue activities in areas affected by earthquake.

In 2013, there were 28,570 dogs put to death in Japan.
Dogs sent to public shelters are throw into so-called "dream boxes"
where they face the most inhumane death by carbon dioxide gassing.

"Peace Wanko Japan"set the goal of reducing the number of dogs put to death in Hiroshima, where had the highest kill rate in the country in 2011. On September 20, 2013, Peace Wanko Japan began 「1,000 days ZERO-kill plan in Hiroshima」to reduce the number of public shelter dogs killed in Hiroshima down to ZERO by 2016, also to achieve the no-kill country as a whole in Japan by 2020: the year of the Tokyo Olympics.

Meanwhile, Peace Wanko Japan has built kennels for over 200 dogs and opened dog adoption centers in Hiroshima-city and Fujisawa-city. 412 dogs were rescued. Of those, 277dogs were adopted or returned to their owners by October 2015. In 2014, high adoption rate of over 50% was reported.

Actual results of Peace Wanko Japan (by November 2015)

  1. Preparing facilities increasing the capacity to help dogs in need. (Jinseki Kogen-cho, Hiroshima prefecture)
  2. Protecting all dogs in need. Saving dogs before being killed in public shelters
  3. Clinical health examination by veterinarian
  4. Basic training by dog trainer
  5. Finding new families

All contributions go to providing care for our rescued dogs until we can place them for adoption in new homes. Your donation will help us pay for food and medical care, assist the operation of our facilities and train any dog capable to become search-and-rescue and therapy dogs.

Please help us to save even more lives.

About us

"Peace Wanko Japan" Project is operated by Peace Winds Japan, non-profit organization, providing humanitarian relief to people in distress, and threatened by conflict, poverty, or other turmoil inside and outside the country.

Thank you for your interest in the activities of Peace Wanko Japan.Your financial contribution will help us to sustain and to expand our support to those animals we assist. Please contact us if you have questions about donation and volunteering.

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