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November 2023

[Ukraine]Delivering Medicines to Assist 30,000 People


Due to the invasion by Russia, medical facilities in Ukraine continue to face shortages of essential supplies. In order to address this situation, Peace Winds, in collaboration with the Ukrainian humanitarian aid organization “100%LIFE” and in coordination with the Ministry of Health and the Public Health Center of Ukraine, has delivered various types of medicines, […]

[Ukraine]Autumn celebration in school where Peace Winds provided educational equipment


Autumn celebration was held at Motyzhyn Lyceum, the only school in the village of Motyzhyn, Bucha district, which was occupied by Russian Forces for a month, starting three days after Russian invasion of Ukraine last year. While some of the classrooms, which were burnt down by the Russian forces, still show scars, students enjoy their […]

[Ukraine]Kindergartens reopened after 20 months


Two kindergartens in Chernihiv city in Ukraine which were destroyed by Russian attacks last year reopened in late October. Children’s voices and laughter filled the newly opened kindergartens.       Peace Winds has been repairing and renovating Kindergarten No.4 and Kindergarten No.72 in Chernihiv City. These kindergartens were destroyed by Russian missile attacks and […]