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July 2023

[Turkey]Turkish villagers voice the ir views on life since the quakes


It’s been six months since the biggest earthquakes in Turkiye’s history hit the southeast of the country, claiming the lives of more than 50,000 people, and injuring 107,000 more. Some 9.1 million people were directly affected by the quakes, their homes and lives devastated by the disasters. How have the lives of people changed, or [...]

[Turkey]The distribution of more than 12,400 emergency assistance packages for earthquake victims in four villages in Hatay Province, southeast Turkiye is complete


While more than five months have passed since a large area of southeastern Turkiye was struck by two devastating earthquakes, still many people in the disaster-hit areas are living in temporary dwellings such as tents and containers. With financial support from Japan Platform, Peace Winds has distributed essential food and daily commodities to residents of [...]

[Iraq]Launch of vocational training for returnees in Sinjar


Ninewa Governorate has the largest number of returnees in Iraq with the number of 1.95 million. In order to improve the livelihoods of the returnees, Peace Winds, as an implementing partner of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat), has been providing vocational training for Builder (Mason), Electric Work, House Maintenance and White Wash to [...]

[ukraine]We are providing support for people with disabilities and chronic disease in Moldova


Peace Winds, in partnership with Ukrainian NGO Keystone Moldova, has been contributing to alleviate the pain of people with disabilities and chronic disease living in Moldova. About 850,000 Ukrainian people evacuated to Moldova in the wake of full-scale invasion by Russia and about 110,000 of them continue to stay in Moldova, according to UNHCR. Peace [...]

[Turkey]Preparing to distribute “summerization” packages such as fans and mosquito nets to earthquake victims in the southeast of Turkiye.


While more than five months have passed since two devastating earthquakes hit southeastern Turkey, many people still live in tents or temporary housing in disaster-hit areas. With the arrival of summer, Peace Winds is now preparing delivery of “summarization” packages to help ease the lives of disaster victims. Peace Winds, with financial support from Japan [...]