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April 2023

[Ukraine]Peace Winds Japan manages “Smart Classes” so that children from Ukraine continue their education even in exile


Peace Winds Japan has set up and manages five “Smart Classes” where children from Ukraine continue their education online while they live in Moldova. Since late last year, more than 90 pupils have been attending such classes equipped with computers.   A total of 90 computers are provided to the “Smart Classes.” A girl seems […]

[Ukraine] Delivering aid packages to Ukrainian refugees hosted by Moldovan families


Peace Winds Japan has been helping refugees all around the Republic of Moldova. More than one year into the conflict, 106,000 Ukrainian refugees continue to live their lives in Moldova, according to UNHCR. Besides those who living in the refugee facilities, a lot of families are hosted by Moldovan families, throughout the country.   We […]

[Nepal] “My house and kitchen” Ms. Ankita Roka was awarded competition holding her art


On July 2022, Peace Winds Japan organized an International Art Festival for children around the world. In Nepal, the art competition was held among the students of Lotus International School, Suryabinayak-5, Bhaktapur. 19 students participated in the event where each one of them showcased their talents in the form of drawings with their subject of […]