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December 2020

[Bangladesh]Covid-19 Awareness-Raising Activities: Challenges to be addressed


Around 860,000 Rohingya displaced from Myanmar have been living in 34 refugee camps in Teknaf and Ukhiya in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. In the Rohingya refugee camp, with about 40,000 people per square kilometer, a family of eight to ten lives together in a single 10-square-meter shelter, with one toilet shared by multiple families. There is [...]

[Indonesia]2 years since the Sulawesi Earthquake – Farmers are working again!


2 years have passed since the Sulawesi Island earthquake in Indonesia on September 28, 2018. In addition to the tsunami and landslide, this earthquake caused a large-scale liquefaction which caused severe damage to local residents. Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) had entered Central Sulawesi immediately after the disaster and carried out emergency relief activities to recovery [...]