peace winds JAPAN


May 2020

[Indonesia] Central Sulawesi: Support of village water infrastructure


Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) continues communities affected by the tsunami and liquefaction due to large earthquake in central Sulawesi, Indonesia. Many houses were destroyed by the tsunami  at the Sirenja district of the Donggala Regency in central Sulawesi, furthermore, due to the ground subsidence caused by the earthquake, there are still areas in which flooding [...]

[Nepal] Safe water for villagers


Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) have accomplished the Project for Improving Water Access in Sindhupalchok District (PIWA) in cooperation with ISAP (Institution for Suitable Actions for Prosperity). (For details of the project see: On 28th February 2020, handover ceremony was held to handover the water facilities to villages. PWJ would like to express our heartfelt [...]

[Nepal] Opening of Vegetable Collection Center


Since January 2018, Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) has been implementing the livelihood improvement project for farmers in Sindhupalchok district with our local partner organization, JICA Partnership Program (JPP). PWJ and ISAP have been helping to recover their lives after the earthquake in 2015. One of the centers was newly built in Chhap village, and the [...]