peace winds JAPAN


November 2019

[South Sudan] Activities during rainy season in South Sudan: Struggling in bad conditions


In South Sudan, the rainy season lasts from April to October. Many roads are still unpaved and problems with the soil property mean that when it rains roads end up closer to resembling swamps. That is why especially in the rainy season, the local PWJ team has to work even harder to conduct their usual [...]

[KENYA]Indications of trainees’ self-independency


My name is Saul Ambasu. I have worked as ISSB machine-operator/production trainer and direct sales man of ISSB machines for 5 years in Makiga Engineering Company. I joined Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) as the lead trainer for ISSB youth Livelihood project in 2017. It was my dream to work with an NGO that was either [...]

[Iraq] PWJ’s Assistance for Newly Arrived Syrian Refugees in Gawilan Syrian Refugee Camp in Northern Iraq


Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) has been responding to the new influx of Syrian refugees since October 14th. After October 26th, the refugees were directed to Gawilan refugee camp as Bardarash refugee camp reached close to maximum capacity. Prior to the new influx, around 8,000 Syrian refugees were residing in Gawilan Camp. A new area was [...]