peace winds JAPAN


March 2016

Myanmar: Recovery assistance to flood victims concluded


Torrential rains in July/August 2015 triggered by Cyclone Komen brought devastating damages to 12 of 14 states/regions in Myanmar, leaving more than one hundred people dead, cumulatively 400,000 households displaced, 1,000,000 acres of farmland damaged due to floods and landslides. After the emergency phase, in which Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) distributed solar lanterns in the [...]

Kenya : Building Temporary Houses for South Sudanese Refugees


End of January, 2016 – it is the hottest time of the year in Kenya.  Also it is the time when butterflies come to life all at once, millions of it.  During the recent visit to Kakuma Refugee Camp, where PWJ is building temporary houses for the South Sudanese refugees, we saw butterflies everywhere. Kakuma [...]

Palestine : PWJ began cash-for-work program to support youth in Gaza


PWJ’s newest project is located in northern Gaza, in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, where people and communities are still severely suffering from the 2014 Israeli-Gaza Conflict, which was started in June 2014 and lasted for 51 days.  Although it’s been more than 20 months since the conflict ended, many families are finding their lives very [...]

PWJ: 20 years of service towards a better future


On February 1, 2016, Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) celebrated its 20th anniversary. The entire PWJ team around the world would like to share our heartfelt appreciation for your contribution towards our success. In these past 20 years, PWJ has worked in 28 countries as well as Japan to provide support for local communities as well [...]