peace winds JAPAN


November 2015

Myanmar: Communities participate in the flood recovery


A series of heavy rainstorms that hit Myanmar last July caused severe flooding nationwide in the country, to which Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) responded with emergency relief. Once the water had receded, PWJ began early recovery activities in Ayeyarwady Region in August and in Magway Region in September. The following is the latest report from [...]

Sri Lanka: Sharing Experiences among Dairy Farmers in the North and the East


More than five years have passed since PWJ first responded to provide humanitarian aid support to the post-conflict devastations in Sri Lanka. After the emergency response was completed, PWJ started providing livelihood support programs in Trincomalee District, Eastern Province. In 2013, PWJ started a new project called “Farmers’ Cooperative Market Access Support” in Tricomalee. This [...]

Tohoku: Halley Valley – a place for seniors gather and old neighbors reunite


Tsunami Torn Community Close community torn apart by temporary housing The reconstruction of tsunami affected areas in northeastern Japan has been moving along, yet slowly.  In Minamisanriku, Miyagi, some families have started to move out of temporary housing and into new houses, but still about 70 per cent of people are living in temporary housing.  Most of [...]