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September 2015

South Sudan: Assistance to IDPs in Juba under continued conflict in Northern States


It’s been almost two years since the internal conflict of broke out in South Sudan on December, 2013. PWJ has been implementing relief program for the returnees in the country since 2006, however, after the internal conflict, expatriates had to be evacuated to the neighboring country, Kenya, where PWJ has been providing relief programs for [...]

Myanmar: Peace Winds Japan launches new flood recovery project in Magway Region


Expanding on the recent response to flood victims in Ayeyarwady Region and Kayin State, which began in September, Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) has commenced a new project in Magway Region to support severely affected communities in rebuilding their lives after the worst flooding the country has seen in decades. The project will target 20 of [...]

Japan : PWJ SAR Team concluded emergency response to the flood


     September 12, 2015, PWJ’s SAR team continued its flood relief activities in Joso City, Ibaraki Prefecture, where many parts of the city are still under the water. PWJ mobilized two amphibian vehicles and transported nursing home staff so that they could provide proper care to over 100 elderlies who are trapped inside. Special [...]

Japan: PWJ SAR Team responds to flood affected areas in central Japan


     In the early morning of September 11, PWJ Search and Rescue (SAR) Team arrived at the city of Joso, one of the severely affected areas by the flood in Ibaraki Prefecture of central Japan. PWJ SAR Team, in collaboration with our partner organization Civic Force, immediately started the distribution of emergency relief goods using [...]

Iraq:Assessing the needs for the Internal Displace Persons (IDP) in northern Iraq


The recent civil war in Syria has caused millions of Syrians fled to surrounding countries and became refugees. However, nearby Syrian boarder area of Iraq also became unstable and the dangerous condition worsened to result in increased number of IDPs having to migrate to the safer parts of Iraq. The heat wave struck Middle Eastern [...]