peace winds JAPAN


December 2014

The Philippines: Assessment found no site requiring search and rescue resulting from devastation caused by Typhoon Hagupit


Peace Winds Japan’s search and rescue (SAR) team, which had been on stand-by in Cebu since 5 December as Typhoon Hagupit was moving through the central part of the Philippines, made an aerial survey on 8 December, by two helicopters and one Cessna, of the areas on Samar and its neighboring islands that were hardest […]

The Philippines: PWJ Search and Rescue Team on stand-by


As Super Typhoon Hagupit, locally known as “Ruby,” is approaching the Philippines, Peace Wind Japan (PWJ) has dispatched its search and rescue (SAR) team to this disaster-prone country in Southeast Asia in order to meet humanitarian needs that may possibly result from this extremely large storm. The SAR team, consisting of five rescue members and […]