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[Haiti] Goal: Strengthen community resilience for natural disasters


Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) has begun a new project in Saint Jean du Sud commune in western Haiti. This project aims to increase community capacity for disaster preparedness and disaster risk reduction. Haiti is often challenged with natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes, and during the rainy season, from June to October, floods and [...]

Palestine : PWJ began cash-for-work program to support youth in Gaza


PWJ’s newest project is located in northern Gaza, in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, where people and communities are still severely suffering from the 2014 Israeli-Gaza Conflict, which was started in June 2014 and lasted for 51 days.  Although it’s been more than 20 months since the conflict ended, many families are finding their lives very [...]

PWJ: 20 years of service towards a better future


On February 1, 2016, Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) celebrated its 20th anniversary. The entire PWJ team around the world would like to share our heartfelt appreciation for your contribution towards our success. In these past 20 years, PWJ has worked in 28 countries as well as Japan to provide support for local communities as well [...]

Tohoku: Halley Valley – a place for seniors gather and old neighbors reunite


Tsunami Torn Community Close community torn apart by temporary housing The reconstruction of tsunami affected areas in northeastern Japan has been moving along, yet slowly.  In Minamisanriku, Miyagi, some families have started to move out of temporary housing and into new houses, but still about 70 per cent of people are living in temporary housing.  Most of [...]