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【Kenya】Raising coronavirus awareness using comics


In March of this year, Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) began working with local facilitators and other organizations to prevent a coronavirus outbreak in the Caroveei refugee residential area and the surrounding area in northwestern Kenya. In June, we created and distributed a comic for kids to raise awareness by explaining the virus as well as [...]

东京马拉松2020公益活动 只举办优秀长跑选手和优秀轮椅选手的竞赛


由东京马拉松财团承办,定于3月1日开幕的东京马拉松2020.由于受新型冠状肺炎病毒(covid-19)在日本国内扩散的影响,决定取消一般选手参加,只举行专业优秀选手竞赛。 参加义捐的各位请在东京马拉松财团官方网页上,进一步确认。 ◉ 东京马拉松官方网页 给准备参加东京马拉松2020的选手的通知

It was announced that the Tokyo Marathon 2020 will be held only for the marathon elites and the wheelchair elites.


The Tokyo Marathon 2020 will be held only for the marathon elites and the wheelchair elites due to the case of COVID-19 has been confirmed within Tokyo. Please kindly check the official website of the Tokyo Marathon 2020 for more information. ●TOKYO MARATHON 2020(English) •To the registered runners of the Tokyo Marathon 2020 •Cancellation [...]

【Mozambique】6 months since the cyclone. Reopening farms and agricultural training


It has been 6 months since Cyclone Idai hit Mozambique. In order to enable people who were affected by the cyclone to resume their lives Peace Winds Japan distributed agricultural materials to 1987 families. How are the agricultural materials being used now? We went back to Metuchira resettlement area in the Sofala province and visited [...]

Supporting the victims of Cyclone Idai in Mozambique


One month has passed since Cyclone Idai ravaged southeast Africa affecting people in Mozambique, Malawi, Madagascar, and Zimbabwe. With high winds up to 205 km/hr and heavy rain causing flooding, the cyclone killed over 600 people in Mozambique and caused an estimated USD 770 million in damages. An estimated 400,000 were displaced from their homes [...]