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[Ukraine humanitarian crisis] Providing medications to northern and eastern parts of Ukraine


Peace Winds, in cooperation with our Ukrainian partner organization 100% LIFE, supports the continuation of medical service at medical facilities in the northern and eastern parts of the country, by providing indispensable medications. Those areas have sustained serious damages during the military invasion, thereby basic medical service was severely damaged.     In the immediate [...]

[Ukraine]Providing mental care and support packages to Internally Displaced People(IDP)


Peace Winds in cooperation with Ukrainian NGO Right to Protection (R2P) has been providing mental care and support packages to IDPs in areas including Lviv, Vinnytsia, and Chernivtsi regions.   some group consultations are held at libraries   R2P is best known for its mobile teams consisting of psychological and legal experts. Almost every day, [...]

[Ukraine humanitarian crisis] Ongoing efforts to evacuate more than eleven thousand residents from the eastern war zone


A train carrying people fleeing the war-ravaged eastern part of Ukraine arrived at the Dnipro station on one evening in mid-March. As the doors of the train opened, two staff members wearing badges marked Vostok-SOS – an Ukrainian humanitarian organization – ran up to an elderly woman and supported her to move onto a transporting [...]

[news]Dr. Nagashima appeared on “NHK World Japan”.


On May 25, Dr. Nagashima, Peace Winds representative in Moldova, appeared on “NHK World JAPAN,” which provides information in multiple languages to the world via TV, radio, and the Internet. Please click here to view the video. Japanese doctor says specialized care crucial for Ukrainian refugees  

[Ukraine] Delivering aid packages to Ukrainian refugees hosted by Moldovan families


Peace Winds Japan has been helping refugees all around the Republic of Moldova. More than one year into the conflict, 106,000 Ukrainian refugees continue to live their lives in Moldova, according to UNHCR. Besides those who living in the refugee facilities, a lot of families are hosted by Moldovan families, throughout the country.   We [...]