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[Ukraine] RAC (Refugee Accommodation Center) Support Activities Carry on to Their Sixth Month


Peace Winds Japan, in collaboration with the National Congress of Ukrainians of Moldova (NCUM), a Moldovan NGO, is managing a temporary shelter (RAC) for the population displaced from Ukraine to Moldova.   Regular staff meetings   PWJ dispatched staff from Japan to Moldova on March 8 2022, 12 days after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, [...]


[Ukraine] Launched “Smart Class,” an online learning support program for Ukrainian refugee children


Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) has launched an online learning program called “Smart Class,” for Ukrainian children who have evacuated to Moldova.     As of the end of May, a total of about 250 Ukrainians had fled to the shelters covered by the Peace Winds class, about 100 of whom are children.     Many [...]


[Ukraine] World Childrens Day for Ukraine Children


Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) held an event on World Children’s Day (1st June) in cooperation with Technical University of Moldova, which operates four Refugee Accommodation Centers (RACs) in its student dormitories.     Currently, there are about 60 displaced Ukrainian families, including about 80 children in those RACs in the University.   One of the [...]


[Ukraine] Distribution of Children Diapers


Due to the high demand, Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) has started distributing diapers for children at the Patria-Lukoil Refugee Accommodation Center (Cinema RAC) operated by the Chisinau City for the first time in our emergency relief project.     Cinema RAC distributes Food and Non-Food Items (NFI) to an average of 625 families (May average) [...]

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[Ukraine] Providing Medical Assistance to Ukraine refugees in Moldova


Health care is one of the most needed humanitarian assistance activities. Since the beginning of March, , we have been supporting Ukrainian people who have fled to Chişinău, capital of the Republic of Moldova.     After conducting a needs assessment, a medical team including doctors, nurses, and pharmacist has opened a small temporary clinic at [...]