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[Nepal] “My house and kitchen” Ms. Ankita Roka was awarded competition holding her art


On July 2022, Peace Winds Japan organized an International Art Festival for children around the world. In Nepal, the art competition was held among the students of Lotus International School, Suryabinayak-5, Bhaktapur. 19 students participated in the event where each one of them showcased their talents in the form of drawings with their subject of […]

[Nepal]Flood Traces and Villagers’ Hope


On June 15, 2021, at around 8:00 p.m., in Melamchi district, one of PWJ target areas, was hit by a major flood. About 260 households were affected and 600 villagers were evacuated. Eighteen Nepalese, two Chinese, and one Indian were killed, and two Indians and one Chinese are still missing.   Melamchi district before the […]


[Nepal]Enhancing the local capacities for COVID management


Peace Winds Japan in collaboration with the local partner Institution for Suitable Actions for Prosperity (ISAP) has been implementing the project “Distribution of Medical and Health Supplies to Isolation Centers in Sindhupalchowk district, Nepal” to effectively manage the COVID infected population through well-equipped isolation centers and ultimately curb the community level transmission. The project is […]


[Nepal] The second year of the project has started!


Peace Winds Japan (PWJ), together with partner organization, the Institution for Suitable Actions for Prosperity (ISAP) , has launched the second year of a livelihood improvement project to improve the lives of villagers through the construction of a safe water supply facility and the production of vegetables which will be newly available with improved access […]


[Nepal]Water has come to my house for the first time! 6 years after the earthquake


Children full of curiosity in the water flowing out of a tap.   The day this photo was taken had been a day full of “first experiences” for these three children. Not only the voices of children, but also the cheerful laughter of adults and the voices of joy full of excitement had echoed throughout […]