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[IRAQ]Vocational Training and Employment Opportunities for Returnees in West Mosul


More than a year and a half after ISIL’s last stronghold in Mosul, Iraq fell, former residents are finally returning home. These returnees require much support as the infrastructure and homes that were destroyed have yet to be fully restored. Peace Winds Japan (PWJ), as an implementing partner of the United Nations Human Settlement Programme [...]

[IRQ Monitoring Trip Report] A Popular Project in the Refugee Camps (Feb 24-27, 2019)


It is expected that most of Iraq’s 250,000 Syrian refugees will remain in Iraq for an extended period due to the protracted nature of the Syria crisis. Since the refugees have been living in camps for more than five years and return is not foreseen in the near future, a “tent-free camp” initiative was launched [...]

[Iraq] PWJ provides emergency relief assistance to the flood affected communities in Duhok, Northern Iraq


On 5th May 2018, Duhok Province in Northern Iraq experienced a massive flood due to a series of heavy rains at the beginning of the month. Four lives were lost in the City of Duhok where PWJ field office is located, and many residents living by the river were forced to evacuate and seek shelter [...]

Iraq:Assessing the needs for the Internal Displace Persons (IDP) in northern Iraq


The recent civil war in Syria has caused millions of Syrians fled to surrounding countries and became refugees. However, nearby Syrian boarder area of Iraq also became unstable and the dangerous condition worsened to result in increased number of IDPs having to migrate to the safer parts of Iraq. The heat wave struck Middle Eastern [...]

PWJ has started a school health program in Syrian refugee camps in Kurdistan region, Iraq


Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) has started a school health program in Qushtapa refugee camp, located in Erbil governorate in Kurdistan, northern Iraq, from 26th February 2014. This program is implemented in cooperation with the Department of Health (DoH) of the Kurdistan Regional Government and World Health Organization (WHO), aiming at improving the health status of [...]