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【Iraq】COVID-19 Emergency Assistance – PWJ Distributes 3,120 Hygiene Kits in IDP Camp


Due to the spread of COVID-19, preventative measures have been taken in northern Iraq including one of Peace Winds Japan’s (PWJ) project areas, Duhok, where PWJ provides assistance for internally displaced people (IDPs). Curfews and restrictions on movements have been imposed across the country and NGOs have had limited access to camp residents. As part [...]

[Iraq] PWJ’s Assistance for Newly Arrived Syrian Refugees in Gawilan Syrian Refugee Camp in Northern Iraq


Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) has been responding to the new influx of Syrian refugees since October 14th. After October 26th, the refugees were directed to Gawilan refugee camp as Bardarash refugee camp reached close to maximum capacity. Prior to the new influx, around 8,000 Syrian refugees were residing in Gawilan Camp. A new area was [...]

[Iraq] PWJ is Assisting Increasing Syrian Refugees in Northern Iraq


Peace Winds Japan (PWJ), as an implementing partner of UNHCR, has been responding to the influx of Syrian refugees caused by Turkey’s invasion of the Kurdish region of northern Syria since October 14th. As of October 23rd, PWJ has set up 2,079 emergency tents in Bardarash Camp. Bardarash Camp was established as an IDP camp [...]

[Iraq] PWJ began emergency response to newly arrived Syrian refugees in Northern Iraq


Since Turkey’s invasion of northern Syria on Wednesday, October 9, 2019, Syrian refugees have already been arriving in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI). Peace Winds Japan’s (PWJ) Duhok office has been responding to this influx since October 14th. In close coordination with local authorities, the UN, and other INGOs, PWJ, an implementing partner of [...]

[Iraq] 801 Shelters Upgraded: End-of-Year 1 Report


By the end of August 2019, Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) will have wrapped up year 1 of the “Peace Winds Shelter Upgrade for Syrian Refugees in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq” project. With funding provided by the US Department of State’s Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM), and partnership with Peace Winds America, Peace [...]