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Myanmar:Recovery assistance to start in Ayeyarwady Region and Kayin State


From emergency to recovery
The floods and landslides that occurred nationwide in July and August have left 117 people dead and more than 1.6 million people displaced. With the water having begun receding in most areas, Peace Winds Japan (PWJ), following the emergency distribution of solar lanterns in the flooded area early in August, is embarking on recovery assistance with the aim that the affected communities will regain normalcy as soon as possible.

Ayeyarwady Region, the hardest hit
Ayeyarwady Region, in the southern part of Myanmar, is suffering most in terms of the size of affected population. Of 18 flooded townships in the region, Ingapu Township has been in the worst situation, with more than 68,000 people being affected (32% of township population). PWJ will target 30 villages in Ingapu Township and plan to distribute equipment/tools for cleaning and repairing damaged houses, repair and improve water/sanitation facilities (wells, latrines, water filtering systems, etc.), install ceramic water filters at schools, and repair and furnish school buildings.

  Photo(Left): Muddy water filled a floor out of its household  
  Photo(Right): Many water sources were cut after the flood

Rebuilding livelihood
The floods have inundated farmlands, damaging crops and soils. Famers have to remove muds and cultivate the land for re-planting in time for the next harvest season. In Hpa-an and Hlaingbwe Townships of Kayin State, in the South-eastern part of the country, PWJ will assist farmers by providing paddy seeds and fertilizers for 300 acres of farmland. As this area is prone to flooding, PWJ also plans on activities to “build back better” in 8 villages through construction of seeds shelters, renovation of damaged wells into flood-resistant specification, etc.

Photo: Mud flooded in a field and dried up all over the land

These projects will be implemented in partnership with PWJ’s local partner, Community Development Association, with support of the JTI Foundation.