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Nepal: PWJ’s search and rescue team deployed to the earthquake site


In the wake of a 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck central Nepal on 25 April, Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) dispatched its search and rescue (SAR) team, consisting of six rescue members and two search dogs, to Kathmandu on 26April.  Despite cancellations of a number commercial flights to this capital city due to the airport congestion resulting from influx of cargo aircrafts with emergency relief goods, the team managed to reach there on the 27th, and their SAR activities  started on the following day.


In the affected area, as many victims are still buried under the rubbles waiting for rescue, others sleep outside their houses at night, in wet and cold weather, for fear of aftershocks.  Emergency relief needs abound.

On 29 April, the SAR team will be moving to the area closer to the epicenter, trying to find lives to be saved.  PWJ will also reinforce its manpower by sending additional staff to Nepal and start distributing relief items such as water, foods, medical supplies, blankets and plastic sheets.

Recent deployments of PWJ’s SAR team include the mudslides in Hiroshima, Japan, in September 2014 and Super Typhoon Hagupit in the Philippines in December 2014.  One of the dogs of the SAR team was saved from an animal shelter and has been trained to become a search dog.

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