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[Ukraine]Delivering Medicines to Assist 30,000 People


Due to the invasion by Russia, medical facilities in Ukraine continue to face shortages of essential supplies. In order to address this situation, Peace Winds, in collaboration with the Ukrainian humanitarian aid organization “100%LIFE” and in coordination with the Ministry of Health and the Public Health Center of Ukraine, has delivered various types of medicines, including antibiotics and medications for cardiovascular disease treatments, to 24 hospitals in 11 oblasts where a high need was identified.
Among the recipient institutions, Peace Winds staff visited four hospitals in the northern Chernihiv region (City Hospital No.2, City Hospital No.3, Chernihiv Oblast Children’s Hospital, and Central District Hospital). Bordering Russia and Belarus, Chernihiv suffered significant damage to medical facilities, schools, and civilian residences during the intense attacks that lasted for over a month following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022. After the Russian military withdrew on April 5 last year, returning evacuees and those fleeing from other oblasts contributed to an increased population. In August this year there were concentrated attacks by the Russian military resulting in seven civilian deaths and 144 injuries, which added to the already high demand for medical services, including emergency medical care.
●City Hospital No.2, City Hospital No.3
City Hospital No.2, which experienced intense bombings immediately after the Russian invasion, has been fully restored. Valeriy Yakunin, the medical director, expressed happiness at receiving the much-needed medicines and explained that after an initial supply from the government right after the start of the invasion, there had been no further support. He emphasized that this medicine supply would greatly contribute to daily healthcare services.

Valeriy Yakunin
City Hospital No.2

City Hospital No. 3 has also been repaired from the severe damage of the attacks. Natalya Babkina, the hospital’s deputy director, expressed appreciation for the timely delivery of medications, particularly the thrombolytic drugs for stroke treatment that the hospital couldn’t procure by itself. “Expensive and hard-to-find thrombolytic drugs significantly improve the prognosis for those who have suffered strokes, so we are truly grateful,” she said.

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Natalya Babkina, City Hospital No.3 deputy director (right)

●Chernihiv Oblast Children’s Hospital
While this hospital is primarily for children, it admitted and treated all patients regardless of age when a nearby high-rise apartment block was hit by an airstrike resulting in 47 civilian deaths and 17 injuries on March 3, 2022. Tetiana Lebedeva, the director, explained the challenging situation the hospital faced.
“As this is a children’s hospital, when people fled the area last year, the number of children decreased, and the hospital’s medical services also declined,” she said. “Now that people are returning, the number of child patients has returned to normal levels. However, this year’s budget was set based on last year’s performance, and consequently we are struggling with a lack of funds. It is crucial that medicines are available. Thanks to the support, we can provide the necessary treatment and nutrition for the children.”

Tetiana Lebedeva, the Children’s hospital director

●Central District Hospital
The Central District Hospital, located just 500 meters from the front line of last year’s intense fighting, was also severely destroyed in the attacks by the Russian military. Ihor Kochenko, the head of the department of anesthesiology and the Intensive Care Unit, highlighted the usefulness of thrombolytic drugs, especially for people suffering from strokes.


The challenging situation in Ukraine continues. We continue to support people in receiving the necessary medical services.
*Peace Winds’ activities in Ukraine are made possible with donations from the public and grants from Japan Platform.