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[Iraq] Improved access to safe water for returnees in Ninewa Governorate


In the area of returnees in Ninewa Governorate in northern Iraq, while the return of internally displaced persons is progressing, there are still many households that want to return but cannot because of the extensive destruction of infrastructure caused by years of fighting.
In response to this situation, in order to improve the living conditions of the returnees and to create an enabling environment for those who wish to return, Peace Winds rehabilitated a water pumping station in Hamadat Sub-District, Mosul District, Ninewa Governorate, improving access to safe water for 106,303 families (637,812 people) in Mosul District and Tel Afar District in Ninewa Governorate.

Peace Winds staff (three people on the right in the photo) checked the operational status of the water pumping station after the rehabilitation work was completed in October 2022. The rehabilitation works include installment of three water pumps (one large and two small), laying out of electrical cables, and repair of valves of the water filtration system.

■Post monitoring conducted after a certain period of time after the completion of the rehabilitation work

Peace Winds staff (wearing vests in the photo) checking with beneficiaries during a focus group discussion on their access to water before and after the rehabilitation work.

Peace Winds staff (center of the photo) interviewing beneficiaries.

Post monitoring: Peace Winds staff (photo on the right) interviewing beneficiary Mr.Y.M.

Mr.Y.M. lives with his brother and his family of 10. “My brother and I do not have much resources because of our disabilities. We had to purchase water from the limited resources, which was very difficult. Thanks to Peace Winds’ rehabilitation of the water pumping station, both the quantity and quality of water has improved and we no longer have to purchase water, which has been a great help to our family financially.”

Post monitoring: Peace Winds staff (photo on the left) interviewing beneficiary Mr.I.M.

Mr.I.M., beneficiary of a family of 10. “Before the rehabilitation of the water pumping station, the water supply was not sufficient and we had to purchase water. The increased water supply has also improved the sanitary conditions in our home by allowing us to shower more often and do more laundry.”
Peace Winds will continue to support the returnees in Ninewa Governorate.
This activity was funded by Japan Platform and generous donations from our supporters. Thank you for your continuing support.