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【Iraq】”My longtime dream has come true!” said Peace Winds vocational training course’s participant.


Peace Winds has been conducting a two-year vocational training course since September 2020 for women and youth from internally displaced persons (IDPs) and host communities in and around Shariya IDP camp in Shariya Sub District, Duhok Governorate, Northern Iraq, to improve their livelihoods and develop human resources that can contribute to community cooperation. From October 2021, the second year of the project, the vocational training courses and course topics were finalized based on the first year’s contents and post-assessment results, and four courses were implemented: Beauty Salon, Electricity, Plumbing, and Humanitarian Leadership. A total of 60 participants (24 women and 36 men) took the courses.

Humanitarian Leadership Course participants in a group work
Practical learning session in Plumbing Course

In addition, a two-day business start-up session was added to all courses in the second year. This is because the experience and the results of the post-assessment of the first year’s implementation showed that in order for participants to have a better chance of earning or increasing their income after completing the course, and for livelihood capacity building to continue in a sustainable manner, it is not enough to simply look for work by acquiring techniques and skills in this course, but it is also necessary to learn how to set up a business. Therefore, we have included a two-day business start-up session in the theory and practical training of all courses (in the case of the Humanitarian Leadership Course, the session was included in the exercise-based class). Through the business start-up session, participants learned management skills (entrepreneur skills), market analysis, business plan development, operations and production management, financing methods, and financial management for business start-up and operation.

“Thanks to this course, my long-time dream of working in a beauty salon has come true! I realize that nothing is impossible if you don’t give up and keep looking for opportunities.”
Said Ms. M.H.A., a participant of Beauty Salon Course (photo at left)

Ms. M.H.A. is from Sinjar, Ninewa Governorate, Northern Iraq. When she was 18 years old, she and her family escaped from a surprise attack by ISIL in Sinjar and have been living in Shariya IDP camp. After completing the course, she obtained a job as a hairdresser. Ms. M.H.A.’s work and skills as a hairdresser were also recognized by International Organization for Migration (IOM), where she served as a trainer in a similar vocational training course.

Mr. J.C.O, a participant of practical learning session in Electricity Course

Before joining our Electricity Course, Mr. J.C.O., an IDP living in Shariya IDP camp for the same reason as Ms. M.H.A., has already run a small electric shop in the camp, but he says that his skills were limited and therefore his services were also limited. Mr. J.C.O. says with enthusiasm “In this course, through theoretical and practical training, I was able to learn not only basic rules but also various electrical skills that are useful in practice. This has allowed me to expand the range of services offered by my electric shop and increase my income. It has also expanded the scope of support for the community in the camp, which is very rewarding. I encourage young people to actively participate in these vocational trainings, learn how to install and maintain home electricity, and start their own businesses to support their families and communities.”
Motivated by the people, who live strong with will and efforts, Peace Winds continues to support the people in needs through livelihood support.
This activity was funded by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and generous donations from our supporters. Thank you for your continuing support.