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[Iraq] Peace Winds Has Completed Updating the Homes of about 3,900 Syrian Refugee Families


In 2018, Peace Winds began a project to upgrade shelters in four Syrian refugee camps in Erbil Governorate, Iraq with a grant from the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM). Since 2020, Peace Winds has expanded similar activities with this grant to two Syrian refugee camps in Duhok Governorate. In 2022, we assisted another 1,074 families, and by August 2022, we had upgraded shelters of a total of 3,883 Syrian refugee households, providing them more durable futures and increased safety and dignity.

(1) Our beneficiaries in front of their upgraded shelter


(2) Before shelter upgrade
(toilet and shower room


(3) After shelter upgrade
(toilet and shower room)

Since 2022, because this project focuses on adults and children with disabilities, older persons, pregnant women, and other refugees facing barriers to mobility, Peace Winds teams have also improved public infrastructure in Syrian refugee camps in Erbil. In 2022, access to another 26 camp public facilities was improved, bringing the total to 68 camp infrastructure improvements by August 2022.

(4) Field visit by Peace Winds Japan HQ staff (center of photo) in August 2022
to monitor access improvement status of camp community center

The shelter and infrastructure upgrades utilize the cash-for-work model successfully implemented by Peace Winds in other projects to provide income opportunities, develop skills, and increase self-reliance. Rather than upgrading the shelters through local contractors, Peace Winds utilizes a cash-for-work approach that involves the targeted households in the process, providing them with opportunities to earn income, enhance skills, and take more ownership of their shelter upgrades. Households that cannot or choose not to perform the upgrade work themselves can choose other skilled or unskilled workers from the community or through the job centers in each camp. In 2022, 4,290 workers (978 of whom were women) were engaged in a cash-for-work activities.

(5) One of the female beneficiaries (center of photo)
engaged in a cash-for-work activity



(6) (7) Field visit by Peace Winds Japan HQ staff (left of photo) in August 2022
to interview beneficiaries of this project

On September 12, 2022, Peace Winds held a legacy event to present this project activities and achievements, inviting stakeholders from PRM, local authorities, camp managers of supported camps, UN agencies, NGOs, and business sectors. In addition to the presentation of the project activities and achievements, we held panel discussions, bringing together prominent actors from the region’s humanitarian front with a focus on enabling livelihood and economic opportunities for displaced communities. The panel discussions provided an opportunity for a lively exchange of opinions with active participation from the audience.

(8) Legacy event held on September 12, 2022

Syrian Crisis, which began in March 2011, shows no sign of ending. There are still 250,000 Syrian refugees displaced in Kurdistan region of Iraq, where Peace Winds provides humanitarian assistance. We remain committed to improving the lives of refugee families, helping them regain the sense of safety and dignity that everyone deserves.

This project was funded by the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM) of U.S. Department of State and generous donations from our supporters. Thank you for your continuing support.