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[Uganda]Training in Sewing and Beauty/Hairdressing for Women in Refugee Communities and Host Communities in Uganda


“Chuka, chuka, chuka, chuka…”
The sounds of sewing machines echo through the Women’s Development Centers that Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) built last year in the Imvepi Refugee Settlement (north) and the Kyaka II Refugee Settlement (west) in Uganda, where women are focused in their sewing.
In July 2022, PWJ began providing trainings in sewing and beauty/hairdressing at these two centers for refugees from the Republic of South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo living in their respective refugee settlements, as well as for Ugandan women who originally live there, with the aim to offer skills trainings so to enhance opportunities to acquire jobs in the future. On the day I visited the center, the women were practicing how to stitch a straight line using their sewing machines.

“I want to teach the skills that I have acquired here to my friends in my community.”
“I want to open my own shop and support my family.”
They shared their dreams, when I asked the women participating in the trainings about their aspirations.
On another day, the beauty/hairdressing training was taking place, where the women worked in groups, tying to braid each other’s hair or on mannequins. The women worked skillfully with their hands to make the braids.

In refugee settlements, getting a job is one of the most difficult challenges. The trainings aim to provide the women with opportunities to obtain jobs in the future and to gain confidence by learning skills which can be utilized in their daily lives, such as sewing, beauty, and hairdressing. Through the trainings, PWJ will continue to work to help women reach their dreams.
Youtube:Sewing and Beauty, Hairdressing Training
This project is supported by a grant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan through the Japan NGO Cooperation Grant Aid and by your generous donations.