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Hiroshima: PWJ search and rescue (SAR) team deployed


Peace Winds Japan’s search and rescue (SAR) team comprising of seven rescue members and two dogs was deployed to the disaster site of mudslides in Hiroshima on 20 August 2014.


Torrential rain that struck western Japan caused mudslides in several locations in the northern part of ​Hiroshima City before the dawn on 20 August, destroying houses and engulfing people. With the information of the occurrence of the disaster, PWJ immediately dispatched its SAR team from its base in Jinsekikogen-cho in Hiroshima Prefecture to the disaster site of Asaminami District of Hiroshima City, and it started search and rescue activities in coordination with the police and fire department. The SAR team engaged in the life-saving efforts until late at night, during which it found two victims, who were unfortunately pronounced dead afterwards.


The disaster has taken the lives of ​52​ people (including a member of the local fire department), with ​28​ more people still missing as on 24​ August.The SAR team is on stand-by to be dispatched to the disaster site again if needed.

PWJ first started establishing an SAR team in 2010 and has been building up its capacities with financial assistance from the JTI Foundation. This is its very first deployment to the actual disaster site.