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[Ukraine] Providing Medical Assistance to Ukraine refugees in Moldova


Health care is one of the most needed humanitarian assistance activities. Since the beginning of March, , we have been supporting Ukrainian people who have fled to Chişinău, capital of the Republic of Moldova.

After conducting a needs assessment, a medical team including doctors, nurses, and pharmacist has opened a small temporary clinic at the Refugee Accommodation Center in Chişinău on April 7th.


Report from our nurse working on the ground
Many refugees visit a supply center in front of the temporary accommodation center every day. Patients visiting the temporary clinic complain of various symptoms such as: “I have run out of the medicine I usually take,” “I cannot sleep due to stress,” “My blood pressure is high and I have a headache,” “I have cold symptoms,” or “I have a rash.”
We examine patients and prescribe medicines if necessary. Those who need more specific examinations are sometimes referred to other medical facilities in Moldova.
We also connect patients suffering from great stress with mental health with professionals. Some of them have had family members killed, their homes bombed, or have fled, leaving their families behind.


It is heartbreaking to see the war that has caused so much misery, even though there are very few war supporters at the civilian level.
Although it is not easy to predict what will happen next, if the situation worsens in Odessa and other parts of western Ukraine, there will be a strong possibility that more displaced people will flee to the area where we are currently working.
PWJ’s Medical Team will continue to provide medical humanitarian assistance to the people who need it.
This assistance is funded by individual supporters, private companies and Japan Platform.