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[Press Release]Japan’s Health Screening “KENSING” Ship Arrived in Palau to Prevent NCDs


On 30 November, 2021, Peace Winds Japan held the unveiling ceremony for the health screening KENSING ship at the Marine Law pier in Koror. The event was attended by H.E.Surangel S. Whipps Jr., President of the Republic of Palau, H.E. Akira Karasawa, Ambassador of Japan to Palau, Hon. Uduch Sengebau Senior, Hon.Gustav Aitaro, Minister of State and witnessed by more than 30 guests.
Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) is a Japanese non-governmental organization established in 1996, providing the necessary support to people in need in over 30 countries around the world. PWJ has established its office and registered itself within Palau in 2021 to meet the needs of the Palauan people.
PWJ aims to reduce the risk of Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) and alleviate the situation people in Palau face. In light of NCDs prevention and control, the ship will provide Kensing (Japanese word for ‘health screening’) for free. Since outer islands states tend to face more challenges in accessing health services, the project will first begin its operation by visiting the outer island states starting early next year, while PWJ will further seek to expand its activities to the main islands, depending on medical needs of the people of Palau.
In cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Human Services (MHHS) of Palau, Kensing will be delivered by both PWJ and MHHS medical staff. The 112ft ship is equipped with health screening equipment to provide screening such as blood and urine examination. Results and feedback can be provided to the examinee on site, and MHHS medical staff may provide further checkups as necessary. The cyclic schedule of the ship’s visit will be announced to the public once confirmed.
This multi-year project is funded through Grant Aid for Japanese NGO Projects of the Government of Japan. In parallel to the deployment of the ship, the project will also provide trainings to strengthen capacity of healthcare workers at MHHS, as well as NCDs awareness activities to local residents. The dispatch of the health screening ship by Japanese NGO is the first time in Palau.
During the ceremony, MOU for the project was signed between PWJ, Attorney General and MHHS officials. Furthermore, the official character for the project “TokTang Kensing” and Kensing promotion movie was also unveiled during the event. The guests also had the opportunity to tour around the KENSING ship and enjoyed a short cruise out in the harbor.
PWJ will strive to improve access to health services especially in the outer islands, working to reduce the spread of NCDs through prevention and control. For further information of the project, please call Peace Winds Palau Office at 488-8030.

Group photo in front of the KENSING ship
Ceremony photo on board
TokTang Kensing