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[Iraq]Voices from Participants to PWJ Vocational Training Course (1) ~ “Learning always considers the main factor in improving life conditions.” ~


“Learning always considers the main factor in improving life conditions.” Mr. S.H.K, an enthusiastic participant to Peace Winds Japan (PWJ)’s vocational training course, told a PWJ staff. Since September 2020, PWJ has been providing vocational training courses in House Maintenance (electricity and plumbing), Beauty Salon, and Leadership to internally displaced persons (IDPs), women and youth from host communities inside and outside Shariya IDPs camp in Shariya Sub District, Duhok Governorate, Northern Iraq, in order to improve their livelihood skills or to develop human resources that can contribute to community cooperation. We will report voices received from the participants of the vocational training courses in four separate articles. In this first article, we will share with you the voice of Mr. S.H.K., who participated in the vocational training course for House Maintenance.

Active participation in the course.

Mr. S.H.K. (21) was a hard-working farmer back in Sinjar, Ninawa Governorate. He has a small family – wife and one child, and currently lives together with his father’s family, making total 7 members in one tent in a town in Duhok Governorate. When ISIL took over his village 7 years ago, he decided to leave everything behind and fled with his family members. They had to walk through dangerous roads from Sinjar. They reached the Sinjar mountain and stayed there for 18 days without food and drinking water but with only few supplies just for surviving. After that, the family walked for days from different place to another until they settled in the current town, where they finally found safety. Mr. S.H.K. could not take any cash with him, and he was not able to pay for the rent, even he had nothing else: no belongings, furniture, clothes, or job.
He was eager to get the opportunity to improve his family’s situation. He, of course, could not become a farmer again, as he is now in the city and owning no land. Therefore, when PWJ called candidates to its vocational training course, he decided to register to the course in order to obtain vocational skills that would help him to earn money for his family. The training course he participated was about “House Maintenance” in electricity and plumbing. He was one of the most motivated participants with strong will to learn skills in the training course, and learned very quickly. He was also active during the internship period, and communicated with some business owners in the town through the persons who hosted him during the internship.

Practical learning sessions.

He has kept believing that “learning always considers the main factor in improving life conditions.” With that belief with active efforts, Mr. S.H.K. successfully got an opportunity to work as a daily worker under a local business owner. Currently, he is enjoying his profession, while maintaining the electricity of the houses inside the town, utilizing the knowledge and skills gained in the training course.
Motivated by the people, who live strong with will and efforts, PWJ would like to continue supporting the people in needs through conducting its vocational training activities.
This activity was funded by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and generous donations from our supporters. Thank you for your continuing support.