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[Palestine]Dima, an active young woman from Palestine


Gaza is a thin strip of land shored by a beautiful Mediterranean sea and a very bright sun. It is also a land that is trying to breath under a blockade of people and goods of many years. Dima is a 22 years old young woman, born and raised in Rafah, Gaza in a large family of 10 children. Graduated in September 2019 from the graphic design of Rafah Community Vocational Training Center (CTTC), she is one of the 600 young people that graduate annually from a CTTC supported by PWJ in Gaza. She is working now in a photographic studio as a designer, photographer and editor. Her other passions are writing, learning Spanish and voice-over.

My family migrated from al-Faluja in 1949 (now it’s on Israel side) and found refuge here in Rafah. We are 5 brothers and 5 sisters and as my father passed away unexpectedly when I was 8 years old, except the big shock that was for us, my mother had to take care of us alone while at the same time she was working as a teacher in a primary school. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any uncles and aunts nearby to support us and therefore we built very strong familial relations.

Dima has changed schools many times and had trouble in finding her career path until she found her vocation in graphic design.

After the high school, I went to AL-Aqsa University in Gaza City and studied International secretary. I was hoping to study film direction but this subject is not available in Gaza universities. After graduating, I worked for three months in the Courses institute center as a secretary but that was not what I wanted to do. Completely by coincidence, I saw an advertisement of the Vocational Center and though I didn’t believe I would be accepted as I heard that there were more than 300 students applying, I passed the interview and I was admitted to the Center. This is how my journey into graphic design began. The Center was very interesting because the curriculum included also entrepreneurship skills courses and an internship program into a business company. It’s at that time that I started my internship in this photographic studio, Classic Studio Ltd. After only one week of training, I heard that they were looking for an employee and as they were in a hurry to find someone and as I was able to perform the work, they hired me! I’m now working in this company since September 2019 and though the working hours are long and there is a lot of pressure due to deadlines, I like the responsibilities I have.

I think that my commitment and effort made all this experience from the Center up to now, a very positive one. I really did my best and graduated with an excellent grade from the Vocational Center! By the way, as I found the training program very helpful, I advised my sister and friends to apply to the CTTC to gain the professional experience and skills that I also received.


Lucky to say also that my family encouraged and supported me during my studies and though sometimes my brothers are worried about my long working hours especially during the holidays and weekends, I am able to work (this is not the case for more of half of the young population in Gaza).

Regarding marriage, I don’t think of it now because I’m still only 22 years old and I don’t want to take such a decision at this early stage of my life. I’m happy that my mother is giving me space of freedom on that decision.
When I’m looking into my future here in Gaza, I would like to continue upgrading my skills in graphic design and also widen my work experience because I believe that life is a journey of research and discovery. For example, I would like to increase my experience in a specialized graphic design company or create my own business for photography and design. When I succeed, I would like to share my life story with other girls.

Dima is also plenty of resources and other interests:

When I have time, I love writing. Do you know I have already published my first novel? Now, I’m writing the second one that I hope to publish soon. You may find it sometime in a bookstore! Its title is “Scratch”.