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PWJ has started a school health program in Syrian refugee camps in Kurdistan region, Iraq


Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) has started a school health program in Qushtapa refugee camp, located in Erbil governorate in Kurdistan, northern Iraq, from 26th February 2014.

This program is implemented in cooperation with the Department of Health (DoH) of the Kurdistan Regional Government and World Health Organization (WHO), aiming at improving the health status of the school children living in 8 Syrian refugee camps in Northern Iraq including Qushtapa. Under this program, approximately 10,000 refugee students will have the opportunity to undergo physical examination of ENT (ear, nose and throat), eyes, teeth and skin.


                      The tent school in Qushtapa refugee camp

In Iraq, mass physical examination at school is widely practiced throughout the country. However, such examination has never been implemented in the schools set up inside Syrian refugee camps. Students looked excited at their first experience of school physical examination. Some students peered into the examination tent with curious eyes while queuing up for their turn.

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left:Syrian refugee students queuing for the dental examination
Right:Boys peering into the examination tent

The doctors who carry out the examination are dispatched by the local authority, DoH. Following the examination, to those students in need of any treatment, appropriate medical service will be provided on site or at the clinics nearby depending on the kind of treatment. Also, based on the doctors’ prescription, corrective glasses and hearing aids will be provided to those students who need the aid of such equipment.


left:Eye examination using a precision device
Right:ENT examination

On the first examination day alone, quite a few students were found to be having tooth decay or diseases associated with unsanitary living environment.


left:Skin (scalp) examination
Right:Dental examination

Though this is just the beginning of the program, we can say that it started off on a good note thanks to our dedicated partners including DoH, WHO and the teachers of the school.

PWJ will strive to improve the health status of as many Syrian refugee students as possible, in order to enable them to study in a better condition. To us, smiles of the students are great encouragement at all times.

*This program is implemented with the funding from Japan Platform and contributions from our generous supporters.