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[China] “Thank you to everyone in Japan”- Distribution of N95 masks and medical gloves to hospitals in China affected by the Coronavirus


As the coronavirus continues to spread globally, Peacewinds Japan began working with the Asia Pacific Alliance Japan (A-PAD) to provide emergency supplies to affected areas. On the 31st of January, a Japanese staff member was dispatched from Saga to Shanghai to transport approximately 200 kg of medical professional relief supplies (500 medical protective clothing, 1000 protective hats, 4,000 medical disposable gloves, 30 pairs of boots, and 60 face covers).

PWJ and A-PAD staff loading relief supplies from a warehouse in Saga

With the cooperation of Spring Airlines, it was possible to obtain exemptions for excess charges, and with the cooperation of the International Health Welfare Institute (IHWI), we were able to smoothly coordinate the transportation and handing over of medical supplies to Chinese medical facilities.

Transport 200kg of medical relief supplies from Saga Airport in cooperation with the International Health Welfare Institute (IHWI)

On the same night, at a hotel near Shanghai Airport, PWJ staff handed over relief supplies to the medical staff of the Fudan University Pediatric Hospital which was then transported to the hospital warehouse.

Relief supplies handed over to the Fudan University Pediatric Hospital in Shanghai

A staff member at Fudan University’s Pediatric Hospital told us, “These supplies will save the lives of the healthcare professionals who are fighting to contain the virus. I would like to express my deep gratitude for everyone in Japan.”

Staff and Relief Supplies at Fudan University Pediatric Hospital

The staff tasked with delivering the supplies was tested at the quarantine station after arriving. Upon testing by a doctor it was confirmed that there was no fever or any upper respiratory symptoms and was diagnosed as having low suspicion of infection. Therefore, the staff member was allowed into the country and entered the health observation period of 2 weeks confined at the hotel.

The staff that was responsible for the transportation and handing over the emergency supplies said this:
“At the airport in Shanghai, the airport staff helped me pick up and transport the supplies so I was relieved that the process went very smoothly. Some airport staff wore protective clothing that covered their entire bodies but there were many people who only wore masks. There were many people at the airport including many people from overseas but everyone was at least wearing a mask. The hospital staff were very grateful when I handed over the supplies. I hope that supplies will help the healthcare professionals who are fighting the coronavirus.”

Many of the emergency relief supplies delivered were strictly for medical professionals. While there are many types of protective clothing used by experts, the ones that were delivered this time were Dupont Tyvek® III type which provided a durable barrier to protect against infectious diseases and is widely used in medical sites with high potential infection and known as a product with excellent comfort.
Most of the relief supplies were part of the supplies that A-PAD, an ARROWS member, had stockpiled in the Saga Airport warehouse to combat infectious diseases, and will continue to provide according to the situation.

As of Monday, February 3, we are making adjustments to provide the next relief supplies, and we plan to transport approximately 1,000 kg of supplies on Wednesday, February 5.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.

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