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Philippines:Holiday packages delivered to 350 families in Palo, northern Leyte


PWJ would like to send warmest New Year wishes for the 2014.

Since late November 2013, PWJ has been providing emergency assistance to people and communities affected by the super Typhoon Haiyan (local name, Yolanda) through our local partners, namely Citizen’s Disaster Response Center  (CDRC) and Leyte Center for Development (LCDE).  Thanks to the support we have received, we were able to reach out to over 30,000 people.


While we are about to complete the distribution of emergency relief packages,the holiday season was approaching.  However the living condition on both Samar and Leyte Islands was struggling to improve, as much of the island still lacked the electricity.

The office of LCDE is located in Palo, just south of Tacloban, one of the hardest hit areas by the typhoon, also lost almost everything – office buildings and office equipment, staff housing area and their personal belongings.  Fortunately, all the staff survived through this extraordinary disaster, and has been working around the clock to help as many communities as possible.  “Our office was completely destroyed and there are so much to be done to recover, but our priority has been to help others who really needs our assistance” said Minet Jasmine Jerusalem, the executive director of LCDE.


According to our local partners CDRC/LCDE, local people enjoy eating spaghetti during the holiday season.  With our corporate and individual donors’ support, PWJ was able to provide holiday packages to 350 families who were affected by the typhoon, including LCDE staff.  This package contains ingredients to make spaghetti dinner as well as a package of 10 different vegetable seeds so that they can start growing vegetables.  “This is a different relief package – the ones to make many families smile and have a piece of holiday feeling which will really uplift their spirit. And the vegetable seeds will help people to get back on their feet as most of the emergency food assistance will be finished soon. We are very grateful for this heart-warming package.  Thank you,” said Ms. Jerusalem.

Please support PWJ to provide house repair kit to families with damaged houses!

The recovery process in the Philippines has been very slow and difficult.   There is an urgent need to repair damaged houses so that families are better protected from bad weather.  PWJ plans to provide basic housing materials with necessary tools in northern Leyte Island.

This project is made possible with the private funds from Japan Platform and the contribution from individual supporters and corporate sponsors.  Thank you for your generous support.  Your contribution will help us more affected population by the Typhoon Haiyan.
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