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[South Sudan] Activities during rainy season in South Sudan: Struggling in bad conditions


In South Sudan, the rainy season lasts from April to October. Many roads are still unpaved and problems with the soil property mean that when it rains roads end up closer to resembling swamps. That is why especially in the rainy season, the local PWJ team has to work even harder to conduct their usual activities. This year, the rain and flooding become a national problem, therefore, we will inform you of the various activities the local PWJ team is conducting

Vehicles getting stuck in the muddy unpaved roads

During the rainy season getting stuck in muddy roads is an everyday occurrence

In the Jonglei State, East of Twic County, where PWJ is conducting operations, people experience heavy rain and flooding almost regularly. In August, the PWJ team took a helicopter from the capital Juba to Eastern Twic County and then by car to the affected areas in order to monitor and survey the damage. However, because of the damage to roads, some areas had become inaccessible. People were walking through the muddy water with their boots or bare feet and the PWJ team had to do the same since the car had gotten stuck in order to go to a meeting with local government officials. In addition, during the rainy season, main roads connecting major cities can be cut off and unpaved runways at rural airports can also become unusable due to rainfall. Because of this, the PWJ team has to work even harder to reach rural areas and people in need because of the poor access.

A PWJ staff heading to a meeting with local government officials

The conditions of the airport at Eastern Twic County