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[Nepal]Peace Winds Japan is continuing to provide relief efforts in southern Nepal after the flooding that occurred in July


According to surveys conducted last month, 136 households have received the emergency relief supplies that were distributed. However, we are still working on increasing our reach and continuing our relief efforts.

A house with only its pillars remaining due to flooding

Preparing the distribution of relief material

On September 9th, aid worker from Japan arrived in the disaster area and on the 20th of September started distributing food, living essentials such as matress and blanket to 148 households in the affected Lakshmipur village in the Rautahat district. Distribution has been completed more than 750 households before the big festival in Nepal, and we are trying to distribute to more people affected.

Locals lining up to receive supplies

Brother and sister after receiving hygiene products (Left) and cooking utensils (Right)

Distribution of food

Local taking the supplies home

Most of the people affected by the floods were part of the low income group working as farmers which meant that many of them were paid in products such as rice and flour instead of money. Due to the flooding most of the food that was being stored was also washed away leaving families in even harsher situations than before.

In the affected area on the border of India, summers can reach 40 ゚C while the harsh winters reach close to 0 ゚C. After the 2017 flooding, many children and the elderly lost their lives to the cold. To prevent this, the distributed supplies included bedding so that people will be able to face the harsh winter in addition to the standard food and other living essentials.

Man taking home a matress and a blanket

For the people affected, it will take a very long time to completely recover. Any kind of support is appreciated. We are collecting donations below.

[The Nepal Floods]
Since July 11th, 2019, monsoon season has caused heavy rain to pummel areas in Nepal, India and Bangladesh causing flooding and landslides and has claimed 227 lives and affected over 10000000 people as of July 18th. The flood damage has reached 11 districts within Province 1 and 2 in Nepal which has meant that 33,000 households (176800 people) need food and living essentials. In this area alone 117 people have died, 38 missing and 80 people have been injured as of July 28th.

In the Rautahat District where PWJ and ISAP operate, the flooding of the Bagmati River has caused 29 deaths and 30,596 houses destroyed according to the Nepalese government as of July 23rd. Distribution has been completed to 750 households before a big festival in Nepal, and we are trying to distribute to more people affected.