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【Indonesia Sulawesi】As a staff who was born and raised in Sulawesi


On Friday 28 September,2018, strong earthquakes hit my hometown Palu in Central Sulawesi. It has destroyed many houses and killed over 2,000 people. Back then, I was in Yogyakarta city, which is one of the provinces in Indonesia, shocked and very much worried about my family. Power supply and communication network were all cut off and these made me extremely difficult to contact with them.

Under these terrible circumstances, I met ACT (Aksi Cepat Tanggap), an Indonesian humanitarian relief organization, working on response to disaster in Central Sulawesi. I joined their team right away so that I could get more information about my family. However, as I was helping disaster relief projects, I came to realize that I have gained very valuable experiences.

ACT Staff Mr.Dayat

On establishing partnership with Peace Winds Japan(PWJ) in November 2018, we distributed 6,300 food packages and kitchen materials and constructed Integrated Community Shelters (ICS) for disaster victims in Central Sulawesi. One of the most unforgettable moments for me was when we provided people in my village with food packages and kitchen tools because I saw villagers smiling and tearing with happiness.

One of the beneficiaries said:
“Thank you, ACT and Japan. Soon after earthquake and tsunami occurred, we received only 5kg of rice and several packs of instant noodles. However, you have been providing full food assistance and this enables us to make ends meet. Hopefully, ACT and Japanese people will continue to support us”.

PWJ staff who distributing

The smile of the person who received the goods

Another memorable moment was when we built ICS in Sumari Village, Donggala. Many of the beneficiaries said that they were grateful for the assistance provided by ACT and PWJ.

One of the ICS beneficiaries in Sumari Village said:
“Before living in ICS, I was full of uncertainty because I had no idea how we can live our future life. However, after moving in ICS, we felt safe and comfortable with this environment because all of facilities are completed”.

Other beneficiaries also said:
“Since we started living in ICS, we became very happy. We would like to say thank you very much to ACT and the donor provided us with new houses.”.

Construction of temporary housing

Meeting between ACT and PWJ

I am, as an ACT officer, deeply grateful to PWJ for your big support because you imparted disaster management skills and knowledge to me. Also I would like to thank PWJ for spending a very long time helping disaster victims in my hometown, Central Sulawesi.

ACT Mr.Dayat
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