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Philippines:Life-saving relief packages handed out to families in Typhoon Haiyan affected areas Nov26


Guiuan, Eastern Samar, Philippines (November 26, 2013) —PEACE WINDS JAPAN (PWJ) Typhoon Haiyan response team handed out life-saving relief packages to 1,540 families in Guiuan, Philippines, one of the areas devastated by the typhoon, which made landfall near this city with the strongest landfall wind speeds ever observed in the region.

Our team, headed by Masaharu Saito, Deputy Chief of Program Unit, in coordination with our local partners, Citizen’s Disaster Response Center(CDRC) and Leyte Center for Development (LCDE), carried out this distribution in Guiuan, after a long trip overland from Quezon City in Metropolitan Manila to Samar Island, including ferry crossing between the two islands.



“The devastation of the affected area is beyond our imagination. Local people are suffering from damaged shelter, limited access to relief goods and information. The most encouraging is their commitment to rebuild their livelihoods even after this tragedy, which requires enormous effort for a long time, for example , it is said to take seven years for coconut trees to grow fully, on which many families depend as their source of income.” reported Mr. Saito.

After the distribution, a woman who received the package told us what happened when the typhoon hit the area.
“In response to the typhoon warning, our family stayed inside the house. Then a violent gust of wind blew GI (galvanized iron) sheets of the roof and plywood walls off. Now we stay in the house, but when it rains heavily, all the house gets wet.”
“We are happy to receive the package (we distributed) today, because we can cover the house roof, and prepare meals with rice, dried fishes and sardines.”


PWJ team continues to deliver the second batch of relief packages to families in other areas next week, while looking for next intervention to help them resume economic activities to support their daily lives.
This project is made possible with the private funds from Japan Platform and the contribution from individual supporters and corporate sponsors. Thank you for your generous support. Your contribution will allow us to work further for the affected population in the Philippines.

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