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Fundraising for “Kids Be Kids!” – Sports Day for Rohingya Refugee Children


In August 2017, violence against the Rohingya erupted in Rakhine State in Myanmar and forced more than 700,000 people to flee the country. Among those who crossed the border into neighboring Bangladesh, 60 per cent were children (IOM, 2018).

Being a child at a refugee camp is difficult – children who are separated from their families during the crisis are facing food shortages, and are at increased risk of exploitation and abuse, and there is no freedom of movement outside of the refugee camps.

PWJ, in collaboration with Dhaka Community Hospital Trust, will host a day of fun for 200 children, organizing activities and providing them with a safe space to enjoy being a kid. 12 Rohingya youth volunteers will be selected and involved in the planning and coordinating of this event. Additionally, PWJ will hold a Health Awareness session before snack and lunch breaks teaching nutrition and a “clean the field time” before returning home for environmental education.

Please follow the link below to contribute to our campaign. Your donation through GlobalGiving will bring much-needed joy to these children. Thank you for your support!