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(Japan) West Japan Flood Relief Update


PWJ has began a full emergency relief operation to severely flooded areas in Hiroshima and Okayama Prefectures,

Distribution of relief items and support of evacuation centers

In Mihara city, Hiroshima, and Kurashiki and Kure city, Okayama, PWJ and our corporate partners have been delivering food, water and other drinks, mattresses, clothing, hygiene kits, as well as cooking sets, and any other necessary items to families that have lost their houses or belongings by the flood . During distribution of underwear and clothes, a woman told our staff that “the evacuation center has no air-conditions which makes the stay almost unbearable, but it really helps that now we have extra clothes we can change more frequently.








PWJ also worked with Mr. Shigeru Ban, an internationally-renowned architect, to install partitions at evacuation center. Partitions give much needed privacy to evacuees, and each spaces are carefully assigned by PWJ medical team; for example, elderly and persons with difficulties walking are located near the restrooms for easier access, people who require more care and assistance are assigned the space near heavier traffic area to provide healthier environment. It is extremely important to listen and understand and incorporate the needs, as well as health and wellbeing of all the evacuees so that we can provide more effective assistance.

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Peace Coffee for everyone!

PWJ’s Fair Trade Team opened a rest space supplied with Peace Coffee from East Timor. Our iced coffee was enjoyed by not only evacuees but also volunteers as well as community members nearby.  A cup of coffee brings people together. You can now purchase Peace Coffee and support our flood relief activities.

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Dispatch of Search and Rescue team

We have dispatched Search and Rescue (SAR) team to multiple locations; SAR dogs such as Yumenosuke, Hulk, Luke have been working tirelessly on the flooded areas with collaboration with local authorities and fire department in search of missing persons.


Moving Forward

There are still areas with very limited access to relief goods needing help.  PWJ continues to reach out to more communities and provide timely and effective assistance.

Your generous donations will enable us to help more people in flood affected areas.  PWJ appreciates your support!

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