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[Sierra Leone] Flood and landslide disaster recovery program is now complete


Household items distribution:
In February, PWJ and our local partner CEDA distributed household goods to those families heavily affected by the flood/landslide that occurred in August 2018.
Household items like pots, water tanks, and laundry buckets, as well as mattresses and pillows were provided to 228 families with elderly people as well as households headed by women. While the flood took away houses and household items last August, families also lost personal items with memories that are irreplaceable. For many families, it is not just a matter of getting by, but of starting over. Below are some of the highlights of the program.

At the distribution siteBeneficiaries of household goods distribution
【Photos】At the distribution site / Beneficiaries of household goods distribution

Mrs. Tamba and her family survived the flood, but the flood took away most of their household goods. So although Mrs. Tamba and her family members were able to rent a house together with her relatives, some of the 9 family members had been sleeping on the bare floor. Now with two additional mattresses from PWJ/CEDA, “we all will have a good night sleep tonight,” said Mrs. Tamba.
Another family, that of Mrs. Hawa, is a family of 15 that also lost their house from the flood and they are now living with their relatives. Supporting a large family is never easy and Mrs. Hawa appreciates PWJ/CEDA for providing essential household items so that she could focus more on comforting her family. “Thank you very much for helping our community” said Mrs. Kawa.

Mrs. Tamba and her familyMrs. Hawa and her family of 15
【Photos】Mrs. Tamba and her family  /  Mrs. Hawa and her family of 15

Community Well Rehabilitations
PWJ/CEDA team not only repaired wells damaged by the flood, but has also improved them so that the community will now have access to safe water even during the rainy season when the floods regularly contaminate well water. As seen in the picture below, the wells have been raised and hand pumps installed.

Damaged well (Before)Rehabilitated well (after)
【Photos】Damaged well (Before)  /  Rehabilitated well (after)

Toilet construction at Kaningo Elementary School
After the flood struck the Kaningo area, many nearby families took refuge at the elementary school and as a result soon after the septic tank became full and toilettes became unusable. The evacuees were soon forced to use make-shift latrines made out of tarpaulin which also caused concerns for the health of people. Newly rehabilitated, the school has reopened and students have access to new toilettes.

【Photos】School Toilet(Before) / School Toilet(After)

Tube well construction at Kaningo Elementary School
Another project at the Kaningo Elementary School: a new tube well was constructed and neighbors will now have access to safe drinking water throughout the year. The school latrine also has access to water which improves overall hygiene of the students.

【Photos】Maintenance of the tube /  Elementary School student uses the tube

Health facility rehabilitation
PWJ/CEDA team also rehabilitated and enhanced the local health facility in Kaningo. This facility is now equipped with proper maternity wards, a shower and laundry area, new toilettes and a complete waste management system.

【Photos】Health facility(before) /  Health facility(After)

Moving Forward
With much support and with the funding of the Japan Platform and PWJ supporters worldwide, PWJ/CEDA successfully concluded the flood/mudslide recovery program in Sierra Leone. With better access to safe water, waste disposal and an improved health facility, we hope Kaningo residents will be able to build a strong community once again.
This program was funded by Japan Platform and PWJ supporters. Thank you!