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Sri Lanka : A small shop reopens after nearly destroyed by flood


As PWJ and our local partner A-PAD continued visiting flood affected areas for assessment, we came across a small shop and we want to share a story of what he had gone through during the flood time in Kalutara district where flood water covered large part of the area.

“I have been running this “petti kadé” (small stop shop) for a long time now. I’m old but I take great pride being able to stand on my own feet and still earn a decent income. I’m very proud of it.  

But on the 26th of May 2017, it started raining and the flood waters were on the rise and the wind was picking up quickly. My “kadé”  is so small, it couldn’t handle heavy winds.  I hurriedly packed whatever that I can get to my hands and ran to store them somewhere safe from the flood and wind. By the time I came back for the second round, I could not reach the road as the waters were more than 6ft by then. 

Shop owner and his shop-1 Trying King Coconut Juice

Shop Owner (Left)    PWJ and A-PAD staff tasting King Coconut Juice (Right)

It was 5 days later until I finally was able to come back the area where my shop was.  And turned out, my shop had gone flying more than 200 meters. It was in shattered into several pieces. However, with the help of some village boys I reinstated my shop back. 

I will continue to stand strong and serve to those in my village.  Please come again and I will have some Super “Thamibili” (King Coconut) from my village for you!”

IMG_3251 District staff points the flood level

PWJ Staff conducting assessment in Dodangada area (Left)   Dodangada district staff pointing flood level (Right)

Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) and A-PAD will soon be distributing Dodangoda area with kitchen sets and mattresses and linens.  Though the flood water had receded and much of the people have moved back to their home, it’s not easy to restart the life after losing household items from the flooded water.

This emergency relief project has been supported by grants from Japan Platform, and generosity from PWJ supporters.

Thank you for your contribution to help flood affected community in southwestern Sri Lanka.