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Haiti: Re-building Kindergarten Roofs with local volunteers


Last October, Hurricane Matthew made a landfall in southwestern Haiti causing catastrophic damages to the region. Houses, livelihood and schools were severely damaged. Between October 2016 and March 2017, Peace Winds Japan (PWJ), funding provided by Japan Platform, provided emergency shelter assistance to 2100 families distributing tarpaulins, roof materials and tools kits in South Department, one of the most affected areas.

ハイチルポ 屋根のない幼稚園

Kindergarten without roofs

In addition to shelter material distribution, PWJ also supported a reconstruction of kindergarten in Balix, Saint Jean du Sud Commune in South Department, where the strong wind blew entire roof of the kindergarten.

After the hurricane passed through Balix, some of the volunteers in the area gathered blown roof materials around the kindergarten and put up a temporary roof for one of the three classrooms so that students could return to kindergarten sooner. However, two other classes had no safe place to stay, so that the church next door offered the use of the facility to them. Two classes, more than 40 students, had to share one church room, it was not so easy for teachers to get children’s attention.

ハイチルポ volunteers working ハイチルポ Completed Kinder

Local volunteers at work                                            Brand new roof installed

With the help from local volunteers and in-kind donation for the roofing materials from a company in Port-au-Prince, the kindergarten received a new roof. Some of the volunteers used the tools PWJ had distributed. “PWJ engineer taught us how to build a roof properly, and I learned so much from this project.” said one of the volunteers.

All 65 students are happy now they are back at the kindergarten together. A headmaster at the kindergarten said that “I feel so happy that we are finally able to provide children a safer learning environment again.”

Haiti ルポ Kinder Student inside the class ハイチルポ With Volunteers

                            Kindergarten students                                   volunteers and PWJ staff

As rain season and hurricane season approaching in Haiti, PWJ hopes to continue to support recovering and rebuilding hurricane-affected communities. Your kind support is needed and gracefully appreciated.