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Haiti: Hurricane Scarred Communities


On October 4, the Hurricane Matthew landed southeastern Haiti and category 4 storm tear through southern part of the country. It was the strongest hurricane in the Caribbean since 2007 and the largest humanitarian emergency since the 2010 earthquake. The most destruction is in the south and southwestern Haiti, where the hurricane made a landfall destroying roads, houses, as well as farmlands and animals – very important livelihood for this region.

PWJ arrived in Haiti on October 21 and started needs assessments to determine the most appropriate relief program. PWJ staff visited a municipality called Torbeck in Sud Department, talked with a community leader and residents.


Most of people in Torbeck rely on farming and animal husbandry, the farthest community spreads on top of the hills. Right after the hurricane went through the area, about 22,000 people were forced to evacuate from their houses. Many lost their livelihood means as well as their houses. Many received some food items earlier, however, they have yet to receive additional relief items such as plastic sheets and blankets.

“We are a family of 8, we used to grow corns and beans, raising animals but the hurricane destroyed all. Our house was also heavily damaged, if we had a plastic sheet, we could use it for the roof, so we have some cover over our head at night and avoid rain.” said Betty, 30.“We feel we are lucky to survive the hurricane, but it is difficult to think about how we could recover from destructions.” Mr. Glode, a community leader from district 4 explained to PWJ staff.

District leader from Torbeck also joined the assessment with PWJ and after through discussions and assessment, PWJ decided to support 500 most vulnerable families in the district 4 of Torbeck. The relief goods will reach to families in Torbeck soon.

This emergency program is supported by PWJ supporters and Japan Platform.

PWJ plans to support additional families in need of assistance affected by the Hurricane Matthew. Please help and support our emergency relief effort in Haiti.