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Kumamoto: More shelters and relief items for the evacuees


Even though it is more than a week ago that Kumamoto was first struck by the large earthquakes on 14 and 16 April, there are still more than 80,000 people staying at some 700 evacuation centers in and around Kumamoto. Many of the evacuees have their houses destroyed by the earthquakes, others are too afraid to return home as large aftershocks continue, and still others prefer to stay at evacuation centers since their houses lack vital life lines (water and gas) due to the damage done by the earthquakes.

As many people are forced to live a prolonged life at evacuation centers, Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) has additionally set up 32 family-size tents in Mashiki Athletic Park, which are now used as evacuation shelters specially for (pregnant) women and for those with animal pets, while the use of PWJ’s two balloon shelters is temporarily suspended due to strong winds. On 22 April, PWJ also installed in the park 12 latrines for women and for people with disability. Concurrently, PWJ has distributed relief items such as foods, drinking water, blankets, underwear, etc., to several evacuation centers in Mashiki Town.


PWJ is accepting donations for its assistance activities in support of people affected by the earthquakes in Kumamoto.
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