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Tohoku:Financial Reports and Status Report March 2011 – January 2016


From March 2011 until January 2016, PWJ’s Tohoku relief and recovery program has received donations from more than 10,000 individuals, corporations as well as various grants from all over the world.

Only a few days after the earthquake and tsunami struck northeastern Japan, PWJ began the distribution of emergency relief items at evacuation centers in Kesennuma, Miyagi, then for the past five years, we have carried out recovery and reconstruction support while making sure that we worked closely with local municipalities and communities so that most needed supports were directed to meet their needs.

Over the years, PWJ has received extraordinary contributions from people all over the world, which enabled us to continue engaging in numerous programs reaching out to thousands of people and important local industries in Tohoku – from emergency distribution, livelihood recovery, psychosocial support for adults and children, fishing industry revitalization, local learning for children, saving household pets in Fukushima, and any other activities to fill the needs to support local communities and industries. It couldn’t be done without you. Our most genuine gratitude goes to all the PWJ supporters whose generous contributions for the past five years.


As we continue our support the reconstruction of the communities in Tohoku, PWJ wishes to receive your continuous support. We look forward to work together and witness the recovery of the Tohoku communities, and see regain their true smiles.

Thank you!!