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The following is the latest news from Peace Winds Japan.

West Japan Floods – Activity Report (Eight Months)


Eight months have passed since the West Japan floods. As the needs of the victims are still changing on a regular basis, Peace Winds Japan is working to respond to and supporting the victims. The evacuation shelters have since closed and the victims are looking forward to returning to their normal lives. However, they still [...]

【Indonesia Lombok Island】Constructed temporary houses


Lombok Island in Indonesia has been damaged by two earthquakes of severe magnitude. The first of these occurred on 29th July and the second on 5th August in 2018. These rated 6.4 & 6.9, respectively. More than 400,000 people were affected. After the earthquakes, a lot of houses were destroyed leading many people to live [...]

[Sulawesi, Indonesia] “Palu Bangkit!” (Rise up again, Palu!)


Strong earthquakes which also caused tsunami and land liquefaction on 28th September last year resulted in lost lives of over 2,100 people, and more than 1,000 people are still reported to be missing. PWJ with our partner ACT (Aksi Cepat Tanggap) just completed distribution of food and kitchen sets to 6,300 families from Palu, Sigi. [...]

West Japan Floods – Activity Report (Three Months)


PWJ would like to express our sympathy to all people affected by the floods in West-Japan, we pray for their faster recovery. Since immediately after the disaster struck the area, PWJ has been working on the floods disaster relief mission in Okayama, Hiroshim and Ehime prefecture by the series of floods happened in July 2018. [...]

Fundraising for “Kids Be Kids!” – Sports Day for Rohingya Refugee Children


In August 2017, violence against the Rohingya erupted in Rakhine State in Myanmar and forced more than 700,000 people to flee the country. Among those who crossed the border into neighboring Bangladesh, 60 per cent were children (IOM, 2018). Being a child at a refugee camp is difficult – children who are separated from their [...]