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The following is the latest news from Peace Winds Japan.

[Ukraine] Winterization aid warms body and heart


In early November 2022, with the onset of winter in snow and freezing temperatures, Peace Winds provided heaters to a refugee support center in Moldova which provides food assistance to displaced Ukrainians. Two infrared heaters were delivered to the Moldova Film Supplies Distribution Center, run by a local NGO, Moldova for Peace.   The staff [...]


[Iraq] Improved access to safe water for returnees in Ninewa Governorate


In the area of returnees in Ninewa Governorate in northern Iraq, while the return of internally displaced persons is progressing, there are still many households that want to return but cannot because of the extensive destruction of infrastructure caused by years of fighting.   In response to this situation, in order to improve the living [...]

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【Iraq】Designing shelter more suitable for Syrian refugees with mobility challenges


The Syrian Civil War began in 2011 with no end in sight. Nearly 250,000 Syrian refugees are still displaced in the Kurdistan Region in northern Iraq, fleeing the Syrian Civil War. In order to provide better quality living conditions for displaced people, rather than forcing them to live in tents for extended periods of time, [...]

[Uganda] New WASH Project for the New Arrivals at Kyaka II Refugee Settlement in Western Uganda


Since January 2022, there has been a rise in refugee influx yet again at Kyaka II Refugee Settlement in western Uganda due to the security situation in the neighboring country, the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Although the number of the new arrivals have decreased since May 2022, it has not ceased, and the reception [...]

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【Iraq】”My longtime dream has come true!” said Peace Winds vocational training course’s participant.


Peace Winds has been conducting a two-year vocational training course since September 2020 for women and youth from internally displaced persons (IDPs) and host communities in and around Shariya IDP camp in Shariya Sub District, Duhok Governorate, Northern Iraq, to improve their livelihoods and develop human resources that can contribute to community cooperation. From October [...]