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The following is the latest news from Peace Winds Japan.

[Nepal] PWJ team on the ground to provide emergency relief to flood tormented communities


Due to the heavy rain that occurred on 11th August, there are more than 140 deaths in Nepal plain area and more than 460,000 people have been evacuated to safer area.  On September 6, Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) has dispatched staff and they have been preparing for emergency relief activities to help people alleviate from difficult [...]

[Sierra Leone] PWJ assessing the landslide/flood affected communities in Freetown


On the 14th August, 2017 at about 6:45 am, after days of heavy rain, a massive mudslide and floods occurred in Regent community in Freetown; the nation’s capital. The magnitude of the mudslide was unimaginable and has caused untold suffering on the lives of many people, properties worth billions of Leones were destroyed, houses were [...]

Sri Lanka : ”Istouti! (Thank You!)” from Flood Emergency beneficiaries


At the end of July, Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) successfully completed emergency relief project to the communities affected by the flood and landslides in the southwestern part of Sri Lanka. After we completed the distribution of kitchen sets and bedding sets, PWJ staff visited and talked with beneficiaries in Dodangoda Division of Kalutara District to [...]

Sri Lanka : Kitchen sets and Bedding sets delivered


On July 13, 2017, Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) and its local partner Asia Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management Sri Lanka (A-PAD) completed the distribution of Kitchen sets and bedding sets to total 1,685 families in Dodangoda Division in Kalutara District in Western Province of Sri Lanka. Dodangoda district staff, A. Kushan Akalanka Perera, has been [...]

Sri Lanka : A small shop reopens after nearly destroyed by flood


As PWJ and our local partner A-PAD continued visiting flood affected areas for assessment, we came across a small shop and we want to share a story of what he had gone through during the flood time in Kalutara district where flood water covered large part of the area. “I have been running this ”petti kadé” (small [...]